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May 27, 2020

Raw material control

At our local area, there are many raw material manufacturers and keep good relationship with them, we had large and stable purchase quantity from them and they guarantee to supply stable quality material to us. All materials approved SGS report.


We are ISO 9001:2008, manufacturing factory have the following certification for CNC machining parts, we have our own professional R&D team fro designing.

ISO 27001
ISO 14001
IATF 16949

Quality Control:

QC in workshop: 3 supervisors will check sizes when for the first one parts before mass production. After finished parts, will inspect and make measure report by CMMA machines

QC in packaging: There are 4 workers to check the finish details before make packaging.

Quality Complains: If any customers make quality complains, we’ll forward it to our service team, they will report directly to our factory manager, Usually we hold a meeting with production. Purchasing and packaging department in 24 hours, and will response in 48 hours with feedback and solution.

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