Laser Cutting Parts

Whether you’re an engineer, educator, student, or manufacturer, you can now order laser cut parts online with fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service. From a one-off batch to mass production, your custom-designed parts will be delivered to your door in as soon as possible with our Quick Service.

How laser cutters work

In CNC laser cutting, a computer directs a high-powered laser to cut out the desired shape from materials such as acrylic plastic (Plexiglass), rubber, acetal, rubberized fabric and wood. The laser burns away, melts or vaporizes the material, leaving the desired shape behind. What makes lasers so effective for cutting are the highly focused laser beams for very precise cuts and smooth edges at faster speeds than other cutting techniques. Using CNC laser cutting technology, we can cut very complex or small shapes with fine details.

CNC laser cutting has many other benefits over traditional cutting methods, including lower energy consumption and reduced material waste. For more information on our laser cutting service, please contact us.