How can you ensure quality?

Please send us your drawings 3D CAD files with detailed sizes of information. Or if you don’t have drawings, you can send us a sample, we can measure it and make the drawings.

Drawing can be uploaded here

After we received the drawings/samples, our engineers will check each detail and then will make the quotation based on the design within 24hours.

The lead time will depend on products QTY and difficulty. Generally, for sample it is 7days, for batch production it is 15-20days.

Please feel Free to a manual review for our expert team, click here

What file types do you support for quotes?

For instant quotes, HolyPrecision interprets a variety of 3D CAD file types CAD files, included IGS/STEP, Parasolid(.x_t), DXF, PDF, which show us the tolerance and tapped threads requirements.

What types of parts can be makes?

We offer CNC machining, CNC turning, metal fabrication of laser cutting, stamping, and 3D printing service. There are many kinds of products we can supply to you.

If you’re not sure about what types of your products, please ask our online salesperson.

What tolerance can you make?

Here are some general tolerance guidelines:

  • CNC Machining:+/- 0.005mm
  • Turning: /- 0.005mm
  • Grinding(Flatness/in2): +/-0.003mm
  • ID/OD Grinding: +/-0.002mm
  • Wire-Cutting: 0.002mm
  • Laser Cutting ±0.01mm
  • Stamping Part ±0.01mm

If you need special tolerance, please write to us, our engineer will check and give feedback to you, and we will try our best to make as per your tolerance requirements.

What is your minimum order quantity?

There is no MOQ limitation, we understand most of the new products will need sample testing process, we fully support that. Feel Free to order just one if that all you need, there is way to get a quote, click here

What the limits of size are for machining machines(extrusion/laser cutting/stamping) that you can make?

Here are the guidelines of the Maximum Machine Size:

  • CNC Machining: 1500 * 1500 * 500 mm
  • CNC Turning:φ0.5 – φ600 *1500 mm
  • Extrusion:800 * 800 * 500 mm
  • Laser Cutting:1.24*1.24*1-10mm
  • Stamping: 500 mm

If you require a larger size product, please advise us, we will find another machine way for supporting you.

How can I reach a sales rep?

Welcome to send us an email: admin@holyprecision.com (sunny)

Whatsup/Wechat: 008613726083883

Once we received your email, we will check and then assign a salesperson to contact you based on your project.

Need to convert a 3D design files?

Yes, both PDF and 3D design files are required once the order confirm. PDF is to show the tolerance and tapped hole requirements, 3D design files are for the production process. Our Available 3D format is STEP and IGS.