Nov 22, 2019

Reasons to Turn to HolyPrecision for Machined Production Parts

1. Reduced Piece-Part Price with Higher Quantities

Lower your part cost when you order higher volumes of production parts.

2. Inspection Reporting and Certifications

Get added quality assurance from conventional FAI reporting.

3. More Finishing Options

Choose from anodizing and chromate plating and Galvanized plating, nickel plated for complete parts from one supplier.

4. Supply Chain Flexibility

Avoid warehousing fees by ordering only the amount (starting at quantity 15) you need each month.

CNC Machining Brass Turning Knurled Parts

Production Capabilities for CNC Machining


Anodized Parts

Anodizing applies a thin, protective coat to metal parts, forming a protective oxide layer to create a barrier against corrosion. This process is typically used on machined aluminum parts. Your anodizing options at HolyPrecision:
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· Type II

· ROHS compliant

· Class 1 (Clear)

· Class 2 (Black)

Color Zinc Plating and Chromate Plating

Plating applies a thin metal coating to machined parts for corrosion resistance and improved cosmetic appearance. Your chromate plating options at HolyPrecision:
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· Type I, Non-ROHS (Yellow)

· Type II, ROHS (Clear)

· Class 1A: for maximum protection against corrosion, painted or unpainted

· Class 3: For maximum protection against corrosion where low electrical resistance is required

CNC Milling Machining Part